Custom Steel and Aluminum Coatings

KelCoatings ensures that every batch gives you the right match for your material, process and end-use application


AL (Aluminum), CRS (Cold rolled steel), HDG (Hot Dip Galvanized), EG (Electro-galvanized)


Polyester, Alkyd, Epoxy, Vinyl, Urethane


Gloss, Flexibility, Durability, Formability, Colour retention, Resistance to heat, chemicals, abrasion, soil, UV

KelCoatings' will individually formulate your custom coatings to achieve the color, application and performance properties you need in almost any size batch. Our well-equipped laboratory and expert technicians can draw on more than 40 years experience to meet your challenges with the most dependable and cost-effective solutions.

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Better results on the line

KelCoatings chemists and application specialists will work closely with your coil processing and production paint staff to develop the precise coating mix you require. Our extra attention to your processes ensures optimum throughput and trouble-free application on your specific coil-coating line.

Technical support

Three separate laboratories support KelCoatings’ customers with the tools and expertise for:

  • unique formulation of new coating products
  • consistent quality assurance of incoming raw materials
  • verified compliance with color and performance specifications in every batch

Creating opportunities for coil coaters

KelCoatings' ability to quickly create coatings matched to complex requirements can help coaters and manufacturers to utilize coil coating as a flexible, responsive and cost-effective production strategy. Our staff and facilities offer a unique capability to rapidly produce new coating materials according to your specifications for color, performance properties and process demands in almost any batch size.

By working closely with customers at their facilities and in our labs, KelCoatings has earned an outstanding record for first-run approval of our products.

For all your coating challenges, call KelCoatings' technical staff for expert advice and a productive result.