Your Industrial And Coil Coatings Solution

The varied lines of industrial coatings from KelCoatings covers all types of air-dry and baking enamels based on polyester, alkyd, epoxy and vinyl resins for use in spray, dip, roller coat and coil coat applications. In our 40 years of operation, we have developed over 10,000 specific end products to meet unique customer needs.

KelCoatings is the preferred supplier of coil coatings customized for optimum performance in the specific processes of individual coil coaters. We recognize that every coating line has its own unique characteristics designed to achieve challenging targets for quality and throughput.

KelCoatings-Branded Coil Coating Products

Kelchem 04

Chemical-resistant coating with OT flexibility and deep drawability

Keldura 05

Premium exterior polyester combining hardness, hot hardness and exterior durability

Kelprime 06

Epoxy primer for superior adhesion

Kelprime 08

Polyester primer in a chromate and chrome-free formulation

Keldura 10

Super-durable exterior polyester with outstanding color retention, scratch resistance and formability

Keldura 21

High performance exterior/interior polyester formulated with excellent flexibility, durability, and printability

Keldura 30

Higher solids exterior/interior polyester for high performance durability and resistance to dirt pickup

Kelflex 31

OT flexible single-coat polyester with true OT flexibility in applications over heavier gauge substrates

Keldura 32

Exterior polyester for ultimate resistance to transit abrasion

Kelflex 34

OT flexible fog-free polyester with true OT flexibility in applications on deep draw products

Kelbond 36

Laminating adhesion coatings used to bond PET and Surlyn films and for excellent foam adhesion

Keltherm 40

High heat coating formulated for stove pipe and ballast box applications


KelCoatings-Branded Industrial Coatings

Kelcoat 26

Conventional solids baking alkyd developed for office storage systems

Kelcoat 27

High-solids baking alkyd for superior color control

Kelcoat 28

Custom formulated alkyd enamels for industrial high gloss drum coatings