Trusted Quality In Coil And Industrial Coatings

KelCoatings’ commitment to individually customize our products according to your specific needs is backed by our highly evolved process for assuring dependable quality and consistency from batch to batch.

Complete batch analysis and performance testing is an integral part of every order. A comprehensive lab report of batch specifications and test results accompanies your delivery to help verify that everything you need from your coating is in every container we ship.


KelCoatings Limited London facility has been registered to ISO 9001 quality standards since July 12, 1999. We continue to strive for continuous improvement in our specification, manufacturing and testing practices. Our quality control laboratory checks all finished goods against our customers’ requirements and specifications prior to filling.

Consistent color matching

KelCoatings’ development and test laboratories are equipped with a variety of color analysis technologies to quickly and accurately match any custom colors you request.

We maintain multiple systems to allow tight matching with the color systems used by our customers – so we see what you see!

These systems are designed to provide us with the least cost, and best matches possible under daylight, artificial, and fluorescent light sources. They also calculate the optimum pigment loading to ensure complete hiding at the specified dry film thickness.